Estuary Bridging The Divide 

 EBTD.ORG 501c3

2011 Estuary Bridging the Divide 501c3 established.

2012 Partnered with HHS Disparity Campaign to eradicate health disparities.

2013 published it's first edition of "Celebrating Our Youth".

2014 Established Refresh, Rebuild, Rejoice.

2015 Established Professional Track

2016 EBTD.TV.



We have a young writers program, where selected writers are published in our “Celebrating our Youth” book.  We offer educational opportunities; we provide training, and workforce development. 


We need volunteers, people who truly want to help  others.

Workforce Training offers educational classes to the underserved, unemployed, or people who are looking to make a career change. We are committed to the student’s success, both in the classroom and in the workplace. Whether you want to acquire skills to launch a new career or attain additional skills to advance professionally, we are committed to helping you improve your skills, improve your life, and your family’s future. If you are a community-based organization, church, shelter, or non-profit, contact us today to discuss our program. has a focus on Independent Living for youth aging out of orphanages.  Our goal is to assist youth who are aging out to have the skills and education needed prior to transitioning into adulthood. 
Our goal is to improve the outcomes for older youth by providing training & focusing on the following areas necessary to become self-reliant: Daily Living Skills, Self-Care, Employment, Education, Healthcare, Housing, Banking & Budgeting, and Transportation. Also provided to the scholarship recipients are monthly care packages, mentoring, and continued guidance while attending school.

Math and Reading Assessment

Often parents are told that their children are performing below average on standardized test or are not where they should be. offers proven assessments that reveal the exact area of the deficiency. We provide parents with the information they need to help their child master his/her skills. We also provide tutoring to help the students master their skills.


In this rapidly changing era, we assist providers with their technology demands. provides training to individuals with limited knowledge of technology.  We teach PC and software classes, along with social media.  We also teach courses on how to protect your privacy.

Estuary Bridging the Divide's goal is to build a better nation and world, one person at a time. Come along and help us build a bridge. 

Healthcare Disparities

The disparities in healthcare are overwhelming. has taken the Health and Human Services National Partnership Pledge to eliminate the disparities.  We recognize the need to educate the underserved population on how to improve healthcare for their families, and the community. We attend and host health fairs educating the population on the benefits of knowing one's family history, and the use of electronic medical records. We encourage them to take ownership and manage their health.  It is our belief that as more and more are educated, disparities will reduce.


Phone: (888) 763-6595

Estuary Bridging the Divide 
P.O. Box 1445
Easton, PA 18044

mission & vision

Our focus is to bridge the divide in healthcare, education, and technology.  This bridge will form an axis of humanity for the 21st century and beyond.  We believe that through education you can open many doors of opportunity.