Society rarely takes the time to celebrate the everyday youth.  We have developed the "Writers"  program that carefully selects youth who have been nominated to participate in our program.  We tap into the "Extra-ordinary" unknown talents of these youth, and we publish their stories.


Estuary Bridging the Divide - EBTD.ORG 501c3 is an advocate for the under served, children, the elderly, the hungry the uninsured, and displaced. We help people rebuild their lives. 

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Our Mission

EBTD.ORG 501c3  is committed to helping others.



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Estuary Bridging The Divide 

 EBTD.ORG 501c3


Reach Out

Work with members in your community and make a difference.

We partner with providers, physicians, clinics, hospitals, and the Health and Human Services to eradicate health care disparities, by educating the community on the importance of self advocacy and building relationships with their local providers. We have taken the Health and Human Services pledge to help eradicate the disparities.


Improving Lives

Improving Lives

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Find your inner power by helping others